Windsor 5200 Cantilever Shelving

Upper/Lower Shelves
One Side/Both Sides

  • Shelving Options For Windsor 5200 Greenhouse Includes-
    Upper Shelving Kit $600
    2x 2150mmL x 325mmW +
    4x 1435mmL x 325mmW
    Lower Shelving Kit $1030
    2x 2150mmL x 650mmW +
    4x 1435mmL x 650mmW
  • Shelving Combo Kit (Upper & Lower) $1630
    2x 2150mmL x 325mmW +
    4x 1435mmL x 325mmW +
    2x 2150mmL x 650mmW +
    4x 1435mmL x 650mmW
  • Available in Power Coated Green, Black OR White
  • Premium Quality Full Aluminium Heavy Duty Construction
  • Bolts Directly To Greenhouse Frame Using Cantilever Braces
  • Mid-span Support Bars To Evenly Disperse Weight Across All Slats 
  • Extends To Any Length And Is Height Adjustable 
  • Durable And Weather Resistant - Won't Corrode Or Rust
  • No Legs/Wheelchair Friendly
  • Easy To Assemble, Supplied With All Brackets, Fittings And Instruction Manual


The Windsor Series® shelving bolts directly to the greenhouse frame using cantilever braces. This unique design results in an extremely sturdy kind of shelving which will also strengthen your greenhouse (even more). Although this shelving should fit most greenhouses, it has been designed to perfectly fit a Windsor greenhouse. (Some other greenhouses simply do not have the very high wall height needed for this shelving.

The 'no legs' cantilever set up means you can use the whole floor under the shelving effectively for heavy pots or bags of compost without cluttering your main path. Also ideal for wheelchair access.

All Windsor shelving is 650mm deep and is designed to be fitted underneath the 325mm deep shelf.

You can purchase the shelving on its own, combined as a total combo kit (to fit out both sides of your Windsor greenhouse) or as a half kit (to fit out one side of your Windsor greenhouse).

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