Victorian Dwarf Wall 3000 Glasshouse- 3.0Lx3.0Wx3.2Hm (9.8x9.8x10.4ft)



    Our NEW Victorian Dwarf Wall range offers the perfect combination of elegance, strength, safety and features not found in other glasshouses, along with an ideal environment for gardeners to grow all year round. These glasshouses are available in 4mm toughened glass (10mm GrowLux UV2 twin-wall polycarbonate coming 2021!)

    Boasting a seriously heavy 1.8-3.2mm box-section frame, this glasshouse will stand up to anything you throw at it. The launch of the Victorian range promises to breathe fresh air into a marketplace that hasn't yet seen a quality dwarf wall box section framework glasshouse. 

    What is a Dwarf Wall Glasshouse & What Are The Advantages?

    A dwarf wall glasshouse is just as the name suggests, a glasshouse built onto a wall of your choice. There are many advantages to a dwarf wall glasshouse and the first is the way it acts as a heat sink. The wall itself, usually made of brick, will slowly heat up during the day (effectively cooling the greenhouse or at least helping to prevent overheating). Then at night as the air cools and the sun goes down, the wall retains the heat from the day to help stabilise a steady temperature, which will definitely keep your plants happy.

    Dwarf Wall glasshouses also look stunning in your garden. Building your glasshouse on a small wall gives you two benefits in terms of aesthetics. First of all it will blend with other landscaping in your garden and secondly, it will create a neat base to your greenhouse and hide any greenhouse clutter that is stored under your shelving.

    Lastly, the glass wall panes are less likely to break. Every now and then a pane of glass can get broken on your greenhouse, and one of the most common causes are mowing nearby when stray stones fly up and break the glass. Having a low height wall will eliminate 90% of this kind of breakage; this is another huge benefit of the dwarf wall design.

    'Toughened glass when impacted greatly will shatter into harmless crumbs, unlike normal float glass which will break into dangerous sharp shards'.

    ALL of our Grow-Fresh glasshouse ranges are glazed with Australian Made Safety glass, manufactured here locally to AS/NZS 2208 safety standards. Did you know at least one of our competitors selling cheaper glasshouses are now importing all of their glass from China? This imported glass does NOT meet current standards and can be prone to exploding. Ask the question before you buy.

    You will find all glazing held to the framework using our exclusive UPVC bar-capping. In contrast to other greenhouses that use slotted channels to slide the panels into, the Victorian system actually locks the glazing in place along its entire length. Each pane of glass/polycarbonate becomes an integral part of the strength of the whole frame. Using this method, the glazing cannot be blown or sucked out of the frame, pushing on the glass/poly only locks the glazing strips more tightly into the frame. This system is found only on the elite greenhouses manufactured and sold across Europe. We are extremely proud to be able to bring such advances to the Australian market.

     Every Victorian glasshouse includes 3 heavy duty "T section braces on every roof bay - 2 at the eaves and a longer one at the ridge. In addition to this we use the same "T" section in our Hanging Basket Rails - two sections that run the whole length of each glasshouse. Not only are they there to increase the strength of the whole roof, preventing any tendency for the bays to spread, but they are so strong that you can hang numerous heavy baskets from them. 

    Base/Foundation Options? The Victorian glasshouse is designed to sit on a raised wall. Bricks are the most common option for the wall but you can also use stone, blocks, concrete etc. PLEASE NOTE- Foundation works/brick walls ARE NOT included in this price. All foundation works are the responsibility of the customer. We will provide the information you need to get foundation works completed. Timber wall in photos is for illustration purposes only. All accessories shown in photographs must be purchased separately. This includes shade systems, louvres, cresting & finials, spandrels, shelving, raised beds, etc. 

    You will not find a more wind resistant glasshouse on the AU market than the Victorian range. We use more aluminium in our frames than anyone else and all our panel widths are kept to a maximum of 700mm. 

      • 2980mmL x 3000mmW x 3200mmH (9.8x9.8x10.4ft)
      • Available In Powder Coated Black OR White
      • Extremely Tough Inverted Box-Section Aluminium Frame 1.8-3.2mm Thicknesses!
      • Ultra Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction - Made To Last
      • 4mm Full Length Toughened Australian Safety Glass (AS/NZS 2208)
      • Exclusive 'Bar-Capping' & Rubber Mounting Glass Insertion System- NO FLIMSY CLICK SYSTEMS
      • 2 Opening Adjustable Roof Vent
      • 2 FREE Automatic Vent Opener (Valued At $130)
      • Heavy Duty Box Section Lockable Swing Door
      • Full Roof, Apex & Ridge Bracing- 3mm T-Sections
      • Full Length Side Wall Bracing On Every Bay
      • Heavy Duty Double Bolted 3mm Hanging Basket Rails/Crop Support Rails
      • Guttering For Drainage & Water Collection Included
      • Full Down-pipe Kit Included
      • Optional Quality Cast Aluminium Decorative Cresting & Finials
      • Optional Quality Cast Aluminium Decorative Eave & Ridge Spandrels
      • High 3.2m Ridge Height- Gorgeous Pitch
      • Tall 1.63m Eave Height
      • Stainless Steel A2-70 Grade Bolts & Screws Throughout
      • Specially Designed Full Aluminium Cantilever Shelving- Optional Feature
      • Can Be Extended by 2.1m Or More At Any Stage
      • Detailed Assembly Instruction Manual
      • After-sales Phone & Email Support
      • Lifetime Warranty On Frame

    Our Victorian Dwarf Wall Series Glasshouses are suitable for all properties including open exposed areas/acreage and very high wind areas.

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