Stately Classic 8200 Glasshouse- 8.2Lx2.8Wx2.6Hm (27.1x9x8.5ft)


  • Our Stately® is a classy & elegant glasshouse. Aesthetically pleasing and built to last a lifetime, this English styled glasshouse will add class and charm to any residence. We have worked extensively with our design team and manufacturers over the years to perfect this ultra heavy duty glasshouse. It has all the features that help create the perfect glasshouse environment.

    Our Stately glass edition is glazed with full length sheets of 4mm toughened Australian safety glass. All glazing is held firmly in place with our superior 'bar-capping' and unique rubber panel insertion system which is the ultimate in panel fixing methods. This system is found only on the elite greenhouses manufactured and sold across Europe. We are extremely proud to be able to bring such advances to the Australian market.

    Toughened glass when impacted greatly will shatter into harmless crumbs, unlike normal float glass which will break into dangerous sharp shards.

    ALL of our Grow-Fresh glasshouse ranges are glazed with Australian Made Safety glass, manufactured here locally to AS/NZS 2208 safety standards. Did you know many of our competitors selling cheaper glasshouses are now importing all of their glass from China? This imported glass does NOT meet current standards and can be prone to exploding. Ask the question before you buy.

    All panel widths/bays on the Stately greenhouses are no wider than 610mm, superb engineering. Particular attention has been given also to the bracing in this range. All models have heavy duty bracing to the roof, ridge and apex.

    The solid double doors are hung from the top which eliminates the doors jamming when grit and dirt gathers in the rails. The door wheels are made from nylon for hard wearing characteristics and the door wheel bolt is turned from solid brass with a smooth shank to reduce wear on the wheels. The doors on our Stately Series are fully lockable with keys supplied.

    Another great feature of this range is the low level door threshold. Most other glasshouses have a step at the door which can be inconvenient. A low level threshold is ideal for wheelchair or wheelbarrow access - and no step for you to trip on.

    High quality downpipes are included. These full length pipes come with every greenhouse in this series and they have a 45 degree bend for you to easily run the downpipes into a water barrel or tanks.

    This range has been thoughtfully designed by us and is manufactured exclusively for us. You will not find these glasshouses sold by anyone else but Grow-Fresh Greenhouses in Australia.

    All accessories shown in photographs must be purchased separately. This includes shade systems, optional bases, louvres, cresting & finials, shelving, raised beds, etc.  

    • 8273mmL x 2741mmW x 2600mmH (27.1x9x8.5ft)
    • Available In Powder Coated Black 
    • Ultra Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction - Made To Last
    • 4mm Full Length Toughened Australian Safety Glass (AS/NZS 2208)
    • Also Available In 6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Glazing (see 'Greenhouses')
    • Exclusive 'Bar-Capping' & Rubber Mounting Glass Insertion System
    • 2 Fully Automated Opening Roof Vents (Valued At $140)
    • 8 Opening Window Roof Vents
    • Heavy Duty 'Easy Glide' Lockable Double Sliding Doors
    • Full Roof, Apex & Ridge Bracing
    • Hanging Basket Rails
    • Guttering For Drainage & Water Collection
    • Full Down-pipe Kit Included
    • Extra High Ridge & Eaves, Generous 2.8m Width
    • Stainless Steel A2-70 Grade Bolts & Screws Throughout
    • Can Easily Be Extended by 2.5m Or More At Any Stage
    • Specially Designed Full Aluminium Cantilever Shelving- Optional
    • Cast Aluminium Decorative Cresting & Finial Kits- Optional
    • Detailed Assembly Instruction Manual
    • After-sales Phone & Email Support
    • Lifetime Warranty On Frame


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