Solar Ventilator

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  • Our clever Solar Thermostatic Ventilators provide the ventilation your greenhouse needs which is essential for the growth of healthy disease free plants.

    These solar thermostatic ventilators allow you to control the temperature within your greenhouse without having to be home. They are thermostatically controlled and can be set to operate within a temperature range of 0-50 degrees, simply by turning the dial.

    Having one or more solar ventilators in your greenhouse means you will never have to quit gardening die to weather conditions. We know how temperamental and harsh our Australian climate can be. By installing a solar ventilator you will be able to enjoy affordable fresh produce all year round. 

    Our Solar Thermostatic Ventilator Fans can be easily installed into most brands of greenhouses.

    A solar ventilator will convert solar energy into electrical energy and save you a fortune in electricity bills. The solar thermostatic ventilator includes a solar photovoltaic cell panel, thermostat switch, direct-current fan and shell, etc.

    1. Solar photovoltaic cell panel- Its function is to continuously provide the fan with the source of the Solar photovoltaic electricity. Our cell has high transmitted toughened glass on the surface and is made to the highest standards using quality components.

    2. Fan- Super long life of 100,000+ hours of high precision operation.

    3. Thermostat switch- Comes with TUV and CE certificate

    4. Shell- Anodised and painted aluminium is used making the unit not only rust proof but extremely strong. Mounting brackets provided are available in Silver to match your greenhouse. 

    NOTE- 1 of these units will service up to approx. 7.5sqm (a 2.5m x 3m greenhouse). Add more units if your area is larger.

    • Full Solar Thermostatically Controlled Greenhouse Ventilation
    • Fully Adjustable To Operate Between 0-50°C
    • Measures 365 x 365 x 80mm
    • Easily Installed Into New And Existing Greenhouses
    • Easy Fitting With All Mounting Brackets, Nuts, Bolts & Screws Provided
    • Add Multiple Units Depending On Greenhouse Size
    • Available In Silver 
    • No Batteries Or Electricity Required
    • 12 Month Warranty

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