Misting Kits


Adding a greenhouse misting system makes it easy to achieve constant humidity and cool your greenhouse. It will also help to distribute fertiliser. Throughout the hot summer months, excess heat within the greenhouse or glasshouse burns away the humidity that plants need for healthy growth. Keeping your greenhouse cool in the summer months is achievable by having the correct balance of shading, ventilation, and humidity.

  • Available in 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m Length Of Black Misting Line
  • Quality Brass Nozzles + 3 Spare (3m Model)
  • 11 Quality Brass Nozzles + 3 Spare (6m Model)
  • 16 Quality Brass Nozzles + 3 Spare (9m Model)
  • 21 Quality Brass Nozzles + 3 Spare (12m Model)
  • 26 Quality Brass Nozzles + 3 Spare (15m Model)
  • Includes An Additional 3m Hose For Connecting To Water Source
  • 1 FREE Water Filter 
  • 1 FREE Two Way Splitter With Shut Off Valve
  • Includes Saddle Clamps & Cable Ties
  • 12 Month Warranty


Keeping constant humidity levels is very important for optimal growth within the greenhouse. If plants do not get the correct levels of humidity, it can greatly hinder their growth. Humidity within the greenhouse should not fall below 30-40%.

How does our misting System Work? Quality brass misting nozzles attached to the system produce super fine drops of water, cooling the air as the water evaporates. When mist produced by a misting system evaporates, it will instantly cool the air and reduce temperatures in the greenhouse by up to 15 degrees celsius. The evaporation process needs heat and once the mist absorbs the heat, your greenhouse temperature drops. Keeping your greenhouse cool in the summer months is achievable by having the correct balance of shading, ventilation, and humidity. This is the recipe for a cool and functional greenhouse which leads to healthy and happy plants!

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