Mini Grow Grande Greenhouse- Shelved Edition


  • Our 'Mini Grow' Series greenhouses are perfect for the gardener with limited yard space wanting to experience all year round growing. Perfect for a herb garden on your verandah, porch, in your courtyard or small backyard.
  • Smartly designed with 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, these mini greenhouses are also ideal for hardening off you precious seedlings or general propagation use.
  • What is a mini greenhouse? Essentially it is an upright cold frame which makes access to your produce easier and saves you the bending over.
  • Mini greenhouses are generally used where there is not enough room for one of our larger greenhouses but you still want to be able to grow your fresh herbs and other produce. This model can be anchored to the ground using the supplied anchoring stakes or bolted directing to your concrete/decking.
  • Don't be limited by the space in your yard, start growing fresh today with a 'Mini Grow Lean-To' Greenhouse.
    • 900mmL x 500mmW x 1690mmH
    • Available In Silver 
    • 4mm UV Protected Twin-Wall Raw Polycarbonate Panels
    • One Sliding Door for Easy Access
    • Comes With 4 Anchoring Stakes To Secure To The Ground
    • 3 Sturdy Slatted Aluminium Shelves
    • Assembly Instruction Manual Included

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