Internal Greenhouse Glasshouse Roller Blind Shade Kits- Windsor/Victorian Models


  • Designed by our team in Australia, our GrowSmart® Easy-Shade Internal Retractable Roller Blinds are a must have accessory for anyone that wants quick, convenient and easy shade. GrowSmart internal shading can be used to protect plants from strong sunlight in under a minute. This shade blind kit is designed to fit out your entire greenhouse roof with individual blinds for each panel. The blinds will go down from the ridge to the eaves. There is extra material on the roll (2.5m total drop), so that if you wished, it could go down the side of the greenhouse as well. Please note these are only designed to go in the roof of your greenhouse, so some basic modification may be required if you did want the shading down the side of your greenhouse.

  • Why Does My Greenhouse Need Shading?

    Although it provides the optimal safe and beneficial environment, the greenhouse cannot take care of your plants on its own. Apart from watering and fertilising the plants, you will also have to provide for proper greenhouse shade so that your garden is a success.

    The hot and sunny summer days can be harmful for the plants grown in greenhouses. The increased temperature and the strong sunlight can literally burn the leaves, blossoms and fruits of the plants. The humidity levels inside the structure will also drop dramatically due to extensive overheating. Of course, the polycarbonate panels of the greenhouse will prevent the plants to an extent from the harmful effects of the plentiful sunlight, but ultimately you need to use a proper greenhouse shade that will provide the optimal growing conditions.

    PLEASE NOTE- This Is For Shade Blinds Only. Greenhouse Is Sold Separately. These Blinds Will Likely Fit Any Greenhouse With Holes Centres of 710-720mm. 

    • Designed To Fit Any Windsor Series Greenhouse
    • 695mm Cloth Width Overall/ 2.5m Total Drop
    • High Quality UV Stabilised Polyester Fabric- 70% Factor
    • Strong Rust-Free Aluminium Casing
    • 'Easy-Fit' System- Instant Shade!
    • Ability To Shade Sections Individually
    • Internal Blinds Allow Window Vents To Operate Freely
    • All Brackets & Fixings Included
    • Installation Instructions Provided
    • After-Sales Phone & Email Support

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