Electric Heated Propagator

  • Using our Grow-Fresh heated propagator is the easiest, and only way to ensure healthy fast germinating seedlings.

    Keeping a constant temperature and the correct humidity levels is essential for the germination of seeds.

    How Do Our Propagators Work?
    To achieve the best results when sprouting and seeds you need warmth and humidity. Our heated propagators have a unique fully sealed heating element moulded into the bottom tray. This heating element is automatically controlled to run at a constant temperature of approx 19 degrees celsius, perfect for seed germination. The sealed element also allows for the tray to be filled with soil and water. The polycarbonate lid is fully vented, it has a manual opening spindle vent allowing you to control the temperature and humidity inside. All our propagators come with a 24 compartment jiffy tray, or you can add you own small pots if you wish.

    • 39cmL x 25cmW x 19cmH
    • Includes- 24 Compartment Green Jiffy Tray (NOTE: Small Pots In Pictures Not Included)
    • 240V Power Supply
    • Sturdy Polycarbonate Vented Lid For Maximum Ventilation
    • Fully Sealed Heated Bottom Tray For Optimum Germination