Dorset Petite SML Greenhouse- .8Lx2.0Wx2.3Hm (2.6x6.6x7.5ft)

Inbuilt Shelving (6 Shelves)

  • We have had our Dorset® Series greenhouses made to meet the highest standards of the hobby/residential greenhouse gardener. This sturdy 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate hobby greenhouse model has a clever and robust construction and is perfect for the small yard, terrace or courtyard. All polycarbonate panels are held in place with slotted channels in the aluminium frame. 

    Grow-Fresh Dorset Series Greenhouses are constructed from a 1.6mm profile aluminium frame, particular attention has been given to the strength and rigidity of all Grow Fresh brand structures. We have also incorporated a generous side wall height of 1400mm, giving you plenty of room to move about whilst in your walk in backyard greenhouse. The door is hung from the top which eliminates the doors jamming. Door jamming is a major problem with many other greenhouse cheaper brands on the market. The door wheels are made from nylon for hard wearing characteristics and the door wheel bolt is turned from solid brass with a smooth shank to reduce wear on the wheels.

    All prices for this hobby greenhouse model include a sturdy 100mmH galvanised steel base complete with anchoring legs. The steel base gives you a firm foundation which can be assembled on soil, stones, sleepers or concrete and makes the job of assembling quicker and easier. There is OPTIONAL inbuilt aluminium shelving available, or you have the choice to purchase without. The shelving kit includes 3 tiers to each side of the greenhouse.

    This range has been thoughtfully designed by us and is manufactured exclusively for us. You will not find these greenhouses sold by anyone else but Grow-Fresh® Greenhouses in Australia. 

    • 808mmL x 2000mmW x 2275mmH (2.6x6.6x7.5ft)
    • Available In Silver OR Powder Coated Green 
    • 6mm UV Protected Twin-Wall 100% Raw Bayer Polycarbonate Panels
    • Sturdy 100mmH Galvanised Steel Base & Anchoring Legs
    • Exclusive Slide & Lock/ U-Channel Panel Insertion (15mm channels)
    • 1 Opening Roof Vent
    • 'Easy Glide' Single Sliding Door
    • Guttering For Drainage & Water Collection
    • 2.3m Ridge Height (inc 100mm Galvanised Steel Base)
    • Generous 1.4m Eave Height (inc 100mm Galvanised Steel Base)
    • Full Frame On Frame Assembly- NO Cheap Click System Joiners Needed
    • Stainless Steel A2-70 Grade Nuts Bolts & Screws Throughout
    • Detailed Assembly Instruction Manual
    • After-sales Phone & Email Support
    • 10 Year Warranty On Frame
    • 5 Year Warranty On Polycarbonate Panels
    • Download Base Dimensions
    • Download Assembly Instructions

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