Aluminet Shade Cloth 50%


  • Adding aluminet shade cloth to your greenhouse over summer allows you to continue using your greenhouse to its full potential year round. Aluminet shade cloth is a knitted fabric made from high density polyethylene strands that are coated with reflective aluminium.

    We choose Aluminet for covering our greenhouses because of its great versatility in all weather conditions. The 50% shade is suitable for most growing applications including vegetables. 70% is perfect orchids and delicate flowers.

    Although it provides the optimal safe and beneficial environment, the greenhouse cannot take care of your plants on its own. Apart from watering and fertilising the plants, you will also have to provide for proper greenhouse shade so that your garden is a success.

    The hot and sunny summer days can be harmful for the plants grown in greenhouses. The increased temperature and the strong sunlight can literally burn the leaves, blossoms and fruits of the plants. The humidity levels inside the structure will also drop dramatically due to extensive overheating. Of course, the polycarbonate panels of the greenhouse will prevent the plants to an extent from the harmful effects of the plentiful sunlight, but ultimately you need to use a proper greenhouse shade that will provide the optimal growing conditions.

    -Aluminet shade cloth is a knitted fabric made from high density polyethylene strands that are coated with reflective aluminium. 
    -Aluminet fabric is more expensive per sqm than regular woven or knitted polyethylene shade  cloth.
    -Aluminet reflects light and heat better during the day- Aluminet fabric acts like a mirror for light  and heat during the day.
    -A greenhouse shaded with Aluminet fabric will be cooler during the day than one shade with black or dark coloured fabric of the same weave density.
    -Aluminet produces better light diffusion during the day-
     Because Aluminet fabric is woven from twisted reflective strands, the light passing through the cloth bounces off the fabric at many angles, producing a more diffused light than light that passes through a black shade cloth. This means that when using Aluminet on your greenhouse, the light coming through the shade will spread more evenly across the leaves of plants beneath the shade. This may produces higher yields for some kinds of crops.

    • High Quality Aluminet Shade Cloth 50%- 3.2mW OR 4.3mW
    • Increase qty to add lineal metres

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