8200/8700 Gal 2-Tier Kit


  • These 2-Tier plant stands are constructed of strong 25mm/1.6mm RHS frame, galvanised to protect it from even the harshest conditions. Included is 70mmx50mm weld-mesh tops. These very heavy duty stands are ideal for growing, displaying or storing potted plants such as vegetables, self watering pots, orchids, seedlings and more.

    IMPORTANT- These stands are all made in-house right here in Victoria, Australia. All stands are made to order and there is usually a 2-3 week lead time from order/payment to dispatch. Please contact us prior if you are in a hurry. If you require delivery, please either email us for a cost OR add to cart and complete checkout and we will send you an invoice for freight once calculated. Note- These stands cannot be added to cart with other items outside the gal shelving range as it will cause the cart to error, unless adding with a greenhouse (in which case they are included in your combined shipping).

    • Designed To Fir Out Our 8200/8700 Greenhouses- 
      Full Kit- 8x 2000mmL x 800mmW x 900mmH
      Half Kit- 4x 2000mmL x 800mmW x 900mmH
    • Constructed Of Strong 25mm/1.6mm RHS Frame
    • Included Is 70mmx50mm Weld-Mesh Tops
    • No Assembly Required
    • Made Right Here In Australia By Grow-Fresh

Made right here in Australia by Grow-Fresh®

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