Self Watering Wicking Pot-LGE (Qty 5)

Dark Grey

GrowSmart® Self Watering Wicking Pots require less effort and time, whilst saving water. Start growing healthy organic produce the easy way today!

  • 5x Growsmart® Self Watering Wicking Pots (RRP $80 each) 
  • 65cmL x 40.5cmW x 25cmH
  • 44 Litre Capacity
  • Available in CREAM or DARK GREY Colour
  • GROWSMART® Pots Are Made Using Only Food Grade BPA Free UV Stabilised Plastic
  • Easy Fill Windows With Water Level Indicators
  • 11 Ceramic Wicking Cones In Each Pot
  • Sturdy Perforated Base Plate To Allow Capillary Action
  • 6 Wheels Per Pot Allowing For Ease Of Movement Around Your Garden Or Greenhouse


GrowSmart Self Watering Pot

Why Use GrowSmart® Self Watering Pots? 

Using our GrowSmart® self watering wicking pots, you can easily control the surrounding soil environment. Self watering pots offer an alternative way to water the plant, with many benefits. Water wicks up steadily through the semi porous ceramic cones into the soil above the reservoir. Over watering your plants will become a thing of the past as our unique wicking cones will only deliver the exact amount of water your plants desire.

Save Water

Conserving water, especially in dry climates, is a constant concern for gardeners.GrowSmart® self watering wicking pots only use as much water as your plants require. The water in the reservoir is less prone to evaporation. You don't water through the soil therefore evaporation is kept to a minimum. Watering amounts are considerably lower with self-watering pots while still retaining a healthy environment for growing even the most thirsty crops, from strawberries to dwarf fruit trees. 

Save Time 

There is no need to worry whilst on your next vacation or when working long hours. Inconsistent watering can take its toll on your plants in a normal pot or bed, you need to constantly monitor the soils moisture content for the best growing results. GrowSmart® self watering pots give you more time for other activities without harming your plants. In fact, the plants can go several days without any watering action from you, even during the hot summer months. The semi self contained water cycle will continue as long as there is ample water, it would take a long time to slowly evaporate what moisture there is in the soil to damage the plant.

Encourage Healthy Root Growth

Savvy gardeners know that shallow watering can lead to shallow root growth. Many desired crops such as tomatoes will have poor root growth with improper root supports. When using our GrowSmart™ pots, water is filled through the bottom reservoir which stimulates root growth deep to find the moisture supply. Sturdy roots systems will produce larger stems and branches above for even more foliage and larger yields of flowers and fruits, depending on the plant type.

Eliminate Disease & Rot

As the watering is all achieved by wicking upwards from the reservoir, there is no irrigation splashing onto plants so plants are healthier. If the top layer of soil is dry, there is less risk of moulds and bugs thriving around the plants.

Fertilise Just The Right Amount

Another benefit of our GrowSmart™ self watering pots is the ability to add fertiliser to the water itself. You can use a dilute solution added to the water, and the plant receives a small amount throughout the growing season.


GrowSmart Self Watering Pots by Grow Fresh Greenhouses

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