Dorset Classic 2.5m Wide- 6mm Polycarbonate Series
Best Suited To Suburban Backyards/Residential Areas (Perfect For Mild/Cool Climates)
Dorset Grande 3.0m Wide- 10mm Polycarbonate Series
Best Suited To Suburban Backyards/Residential/Semi Rural (Ideal For Colder Climates)

Stately Classic 2.8m Wide- 6mm Polycarbonate 
Stately Deluxe 3.4m Wide- 6mm Polycarbonate
Best Suited To Residential/Semi Rural/Acreage/Windy Areas (Perfect For Mild/Cool Climates)

Windsor Compact 2.3m Wide- 10mm Polycarbonate
Windsor Junior 3.0m Wide- 10mm Polycarbonate
Windsor Royale 3.7m Wide- 10mm Polycarbonate
Suitable For All Properties Including Open/Exposed Areas/Acreage/High Wind Areas (Perfect For Cold Climates)

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