Orangery Glass Greenhouse Kits

January 21, 2019

Grow-Fresh Greenhouses wishes to introduce gardening enthusiasts to the term “orangery greenhouse” and explain how it came into use associated with our  greenhouse industry. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, orangery is defined as a protected place which offers plants and trees warmth in cooler termperatures.

The term dates back in history to Kensington Palace in 1794.  In that year, Queen Anne had an elaborate greenhouse built in the same style as the palace.  At that time, according to history, this newly built structure was intended protect the Queen’s orange trees.   Hence the name “orangery”. 


At Grow-Fresh Greenhouses the term “orangery greenhouse” is actually a style of hot house greenhouse and use is limited only by imagination and space. This particular greenhouse is comprised of twin wall polycarbonate panels and has a modest, yet decidedly different T-model front opening. 


Grow-Fresh Greenhouses and glass greenhouse kits are designed in such a manner as to be easily modified to allow for larger configurations and customized to fit any backyard and occasionally a front yard hard scape landscaping.  We should also point out the obvious, a Grow-Fresh Glasshouse is the epitome of grace and beauty and a prominent yet understated addition to any property. 

Want to learn more about customizing your own glass house garden? Contact Grow-Fresh Greenhouses Australia on 1300464769 or visit

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