Australians Go Greener with Family Greenhouses

August 21, 2018

A greenhouse represents far more than a bold household fashion statement or the ultimate home accessory.  A greenhouse represents a significant investment in your family’s health, your home’s value and the planet’s future.

Visionary economists and environmentalists alike predict that, as “the village” becomes the key unit of commerce and governance around the world, more and more families will return to “family farming.”  Earth conscious families will abandon “ornamental horticulture, plowing-under lawns and flower beds for the sake of producing their own all-natural fruits and vegetables. “This is the best of family farming,” says an agriculture professor at the University of California. “No, this is not family farming in the old-fashioned sense of plowing-up the old homestead and growing corn, maize, cotton or hemp,” he explains. “This is single-family farming in the 21stcentury sense of building and maintaining sustainable agriculture for the family’s and community’s use.” 

The visionaries and expert botanists especially recommend every family ought to have a greenhouse. “Of course, we capitalize on our greenhouse for year-round fresh produce,” says a happy Aussie home-farmer. “But we especially use it to get ahead of the growing season in Victoria; we nurture saplings for our orchard, and we nurse tender vegetable sprouts for immediate transplanting when the weather heats up and we can expect decent rains.”

growfresh greenhouses glasshouses organic gardening

Get the kids involved with gardening, they will learn so much about the process if they are hands-on. 


Four advantages of greenhouse gardening

Avid greenhouse advocates stress both economic and health benefits from complementing backyard garden plots with state-of-the-art greenhouses. While they stress working in their greenhouses lets them escape from the stress of everyday life because their micro-environments give them sanctuary from their problems, nevertheless they point to at least four extremely practical advantages of keeping their greenhouse crops constantly growing and flourishing:

  • They defy the elements for year-round growing. Controlling light and shade, water and heat, greenhouse gardeners maintain optimum growing conditions for summer vegetables and berries. Some have grown so proficient at managing their indoor crops that they can harvest something new plus all the family favorites every week.  Just as importantly, they can get a head start on seasonal plants grown from bulbs, and they can incubate slow-developing trees and vines until they are fit for outdoor survival.

  • They protect growing plants against pests. During the summer months, insects and small animals feast on fledgling plants and brand new fruit.  Well-established plants resist pests and produce enough that they can forfeit a few delicacies to the critters. Therefore, strategic greenhouse gardeners nurture their young plants until they are ready to withstand the harrows and horrors of backyard development.  Tomatoes and strawberries especially benefit from extra time in a greenhouse.

  • They boost their household economies. Harvesting abundant crops, greenhouse gardeners become exceptionally proficient at freezing and canning much of their produce, and they share generously with friends and family.  Still, they have more produce than they can use, so they sell the excess at local farmers’ markets.  One Geelong housewife exults, “I actually gave up my work-a-day job to devote fulltime to my farming, because I not only saved a tiny fortune but also made another tidy bundle from selling the best of my homegrown produce.”

  • They feed their families nutrient-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, family farmers run absolutely no risk of purchasing contaminated produce.  Just as importantly though, they preserve all the nutrients in their fruits and vegetables by taking them straight from the plant to the table. Commercially grown produce, even if organically grown and carefully processed, loses between five and 10 percent of its vitamins and minerals for every day it spends in transport, and the average commercial product spends at least seven days in packing, transporting and retailing. A Victoria consumer expert says, “When you buy commercial produce, you pay quite a bit more for quite a bit less by comparison with homegrown or locally grown products.” 

Depend on Grow-Fresh Greenhouses for all your greenhouse needs.

When you plan, build and manage your greenhouse carefully, you can grow anything and everything.  For years now the professionals at Grow-Fresh Greenhouses have designed, manufactured and guided installation of the nations finest polycarbonate and glass greenhouses.  No other product from any other maker rivals Grow-Fresh for ease-of-use and durability.  Grow-Fresh staff members are dedicated to providing every customer with exemplary service.  Therefore, as you develop plans for your family farm, count on your friends at Grow-Fresh to assist you every step of the way.

Greenhouses glasshouses organic gardening growfresh grow fresh

A greenhouse will give you an abundance of fresh produce year round.


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